Partnering with Cisco

Cisco has a wealth of resources, tools, programs and incentives, let us help you navigate you through and ensure you don't miss an opportunity


+ New to Cisco?

Become a Cisco partner and reap the benefits, get started with the Step by Stepguide or reach out to your Comstor account manager to help you through the process – visit our Contact page

+ Create a Cisco login first as a new partner

Create an account here

To Associate your CCO ID see the download page below




+ Step by step guide to becoming a Cisco Registered Partner

Download the Step by Step Guide on how to become a Cisco Registered Partner

Visit the  Cisco Partner Registration Page


You need to have a CCO ID – if you need assistance to create this please email Cisco


Enter your company information as required


Enter Comstor as the Distributor (Westcon-Comstor or Westcon Group Pty Ltd)


Note your Comstor Account number – please contact our support or credit team if you do not know this – This will be your Reseller Account Number with Comstor


Complete the due diligence questions


Accept the terms from Cisco

You will receive notice from Cisco of any further information required or your partner approval status.

Please ensure you associate your CCO ID with your company



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